Trend report for bathrooms, 2020: | Inspired by

Trend report for bathrooms, 2020:

My home is to be a natural sanctuary

The Scandinavian look combined with the urban jungle trend continues into the new year. Ideally composed of new, natural materials with dashes of green.

The social medium Pinterest confirms the “natural green wave” through frequent searches on terms such as: “Conscious Consumption”, “Finding Balance” and “Home Hub”. It seems likely that the more woke and green approach to consumption will continue to grow as a trend far into 2020.

The Pantone Institute has hailed classic blue as a colour that will play a key role in the harmonious furnishing of bathrooms in particular over the coming year.

We want to move closer to nature

In our striving to live in greater harmony with nature, we face a constant challenge from our homes, which will find themselves under increasing pressure from population growth over the coming years. People in urban areas will be obliged to live closer to one another, and there will be no option but to de-emphasise large, open green spaces in favour of more residences. These are all factors in an ongoing development that increases our need for nature and freedom. Fortunately, we can also bring nature indoors – and it is here that the bathroom presents perfect opportunities for creating a private oasis of peace and quiet in natural surroundings.

Fifty shades of green

Green remains the ultimate “nature colour”. It is also pretty much the only colour that can be used to create so many different effects. It makes no difference whether it is a deep pine green, a fertile moss green or an avant-garde Neo Mint; the range of green shades spans the full spectrum from warm to cool, relaxed to refreshing, natural to futuristic. That is precisely what makes green so perfect for personal design in the bathroom. A splash of your favourite green will transform your bathroom into a Shangri-La of wellness.

Natural materials promote warmth and hygge

Nature is setting the agenda in 2020 – not just as regards colours, but also when it comes to materials. A current trend encompasses furniture with an authentic wood-look. New surfaces in oak, walnut and elm-look will be available in the V&B furniture ranges Legato, Avento and Collaro. From authentic light and dark wood shades to trendy white and grey wood-look. For the ultimate elegant expression: Finion furniture in genuine wood veneer, or an Antheus bathroom mirror in walnut or ash.

Villeroy & Boch Legato bathroom furniture in attractive elm-look.

In the same way as wood, matt surfaces carry an inherent sense of the fine and comforting: the new Truffle Grey in the Collaro range of furniture, for example, or Olive and Sand Matt in the Finion range. They are simply perfect in combination with accessories in wood, stone, woven reeds or jute, the popular new material.

The earth tone Truffle Grey is expected to be a popular choice at Villeroy & Boch

The Pantone Institute has hailed classic blue as a colour that will play a key role in the harmonious furnishing of bathrooms in particular over the coming year.

Calm atmosphere

Classic blue is elegant in its simplicity, a deep, dark and reassuring colour. At the same time, it encompasses a clear link to nature, with associations of calm, cloudless night skies and eternal oceans. The soft, discreet blue generates a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom and serves as a colourful contrast on furniture fronts and accessories. That said, the same colour can have a refreshing and calming effect on the bathroom, and is best highlighted through the addition of pale grey or brilliant white as contrast colours.

Pantone colour of the year for 2020: classic blue

Urban jungle

The urban jungle trend clearly demonstrates that nature is not necessarily synonymous with peace and quiet. Here, Mother Nature is given free rein to unleash her wild side, in the form of attention-grabbing wallpapers and large exotic plants – both of which work wonderfully in the bathroom!

Exotic plants add a dash of the wild to the home – naturally

Furniture in wood or earth tones looks perfect in combination with classic white ceramics. Even daring contrasts are permitted: bring in bright colours or a cool black and white look.

Eye-catching print wallpaper on a single wall is a simple and effective way to invite nature indoors

Natural and smart

If you thought nature and technology can never mix, you may well have to think again in 2020. It is becoming more and more common to integrate smart functions into the bathroom. However, that is not to say that technology should be an end in and of itself. Rather, it’s what we do with it that’s really interesting.

Atmospheric lighting sets the stage for the day or night

For example, bathing the bathroom in perfect light at any time of the day. Cooler light to get you going in the morning and set you up for the day, and then warmer, softer lighting in the evening to help you relax and unwind. At the same time, our furniture increasingly allows us to charge our smartphones, etc. – using the ViSound system from V&B, for example, which likewise serves as a brilliant loudspeaker in the bathroom.