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Bathroom trends 2021

We love our home

2020 has really put our lifestyles to the test. Many cherished habits have had to change, apparent certainties no longer apply. But there’s one thing that we have become conscious of and that is the importance of our home. It is where we live, work and spend our holidays. Reason enough to focus more on our home in 2021.

Bathrooms grow with their tasks

“Make your house feel like a home” is a phrase we hear often. In the same way we wish to make our bathroom more of a room to spend time in. Our bathrooms we need for personal hygiene, morning rituals and other daily routines. However, a bathroom can do so much more. It is our private retreat and a place where we can forget about the world. So it should not only be functional, but also meet our wishes.

We see that we tend to decorate our bathrooms more in the same style and colours as the rest of our rooms in the home. In 2021 we will continue to see that the colour scheme is mainly colours we can find in the nature. Soft, earthy colours, together with velvety smooth surfaces and dimmable lights will turn the bathroom into a feel-good zone, where we want to spend more time than necessary.

Bringing the outside in

Be it the garden, patio or balcony, or any private outdoor area is the luxury of the moment. So after kitchens, bathrooms will be conquering outdoor areas in 2021. One way of doing this is to buy an outdoor hot tub or pool. But anyone who wants to embrace this trend, without going to too much trouble can just place the bath next to the window, or simply create a natural look on a wall or enhance their bathroom with exotic plants.

Satisfying the travel bug at home

Spending summer at home in no way means having to miss out on a holiday feeling. Villeroy & Boch provides many ways of bringing the outside world into the home. For instance, a shower toilet in the bathroom offers comfort often experienced in the best international hotels. It combines the toilet and bidet functions while providing a burst of freshness every time it is used. The ViClean-I 100 from Villeroy & Boch also features a very smart design, as the technology is integrated in the ceramic, it looks like any other conventional wall-mounted toilet. It blends harmoniously into any bathroom design, such as a bathroom with a maritime look.

A blue Artis washbasin and a matching panel for a free-standing bath bring back memories of the last seaside holiday – and that every day.